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COSCO SHIPPING International’s Volunteer Team Visit the Elderly Living Alone

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching, COSCO SHIPPING International volunteer team has participated in a visiting activity on 18th May organised by a non-profit social organisation namely Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council (“NAAC”). The volunteers carried festive gifts and visited a total of 40 elderly living alone and together in a public housing estate in Sham Shui Po in Kowloon, to celebrate the festive day and show respect and care to the elderly, and make them feel the atmosphere of the festival.
On that day, the volunteers of COSCO SHIPPING International wore the clothes with volunteer logo, briefed by the social worker of NAAC, carried some festive moon cakes, fruits and daily supplies to visit the elderly living in Shek Kip Mei Estate according to the designated addresses. The elderly welcomed the volunteers and shared their recent condition and needs. The volunteers said, this activity taught them offer feel happier than receive.
The organizer of this visit activity before Mid-Autumn Festival, Sham Shui Po District Elderly Community Centre (“the Centre”) of NAAC, is a communal service centre offering diversified services to the elderly. Start from 2011, COSCO SHIPPING International collaborated with the Centre and sent its volunteer team during the festive seasons and the winter to visit the elderly. Until now, a total of 2176 volunteer hours were serviced and a number of 559 elderly who live alone and who live together benefited.
In future, COSCO SHIPPING International will continue to encourage its employees to participate in various forms of volunteer service, so as to disseminate the message of caring for the community among its employees and their family members. Promote the vision of “enthusiastic service and benefit the community”.