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In the process of promoting business development, COSCO SHIPPING International attached great importance to its impact on and responsibility to the environment, through green shipping operations to establish environmental sustainability in the long run and promote a green and healthy development of the industry. In particular, we have established prudent environmental control measures for proactive energy conservation and emission reduction, optimization of resource use and conservation of marine ecosystem. In the meantime, we continuously enhanced our scientific and technological capability for the sake of market exploration into environmentally-friendly products. In respect of the development of corporate culture of sustainable development, the Group has been reinforcing environmental awareness of employees with various training.

Implementing Environmental Management

COSCO SHIPPING International’ s coating manufacturing subsidiaries strictly comply with the laws and regulations in the PRC, as well as carry out various systems and management measure as stated in the Environmental Management System Certification formulated by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), so as to minimise the pollution to the environment in the production process of coatings. The environmental management measures taken by our subsidiaries are listed in the following aspects:

Coatings Manufacturing Companies

Reduction of Sewage and Pollutant Emission

Our coating manufacturing subsidiaries implement the following environmental management measures on emission reduction and sewage reduction:

  • Cleaning the environmentally friendly sewage treatment sedimentation tank on a regular basis.
  • Using pipelines, central ventilation system and dust filtration equipment to reduce waste.
  • Promoting proactively the replacement of solvent coatings by water based coatings to reduce the emission of VOCs.
Waste Management

Our coating manufacturing subsidiaries are dedicated to managing waste in a responsible way and strive to optimise the use of resources.

  • Hazardous wastes as well as wastes from workshops and research and development laboratories, etc., are delivered to qualified units for processing.
  • Non-hazardous wastes like some waste bags, clips, papers, etc., are recycled by qualified units for reuse.

Non-Manufacturing Companies

Promoting Low Carbon Office
  • To save energy, we launched environmentally-friendly campaign of “Saving a drop of water, a kilowatt of power and a piece of paper” by encouraging staff to reduce office consumables such as printing papers; to save energy by turning off the computers or electrical appliances and equipment when not in use, using energy efficient bulbs, and adjusting the air conditioning temperature to 25 degree Celsius at office, etc.
  • Every year, COSCO SHIPPING International supports the WWF-Hong Kong’s annual eco-event, “Earth Hour”, to discharge our responsibility to save the planet by turning off all non-essential lights to minimise carbon emission.
  • We support green printing. The Company adopted printing paper accredited by a non-profit green body namely Forest Stewardship Council (known as FSC) in the Company’s annual reports and other promotional collaterals with bulk printing.
Promoting Recycling

Every year, we partner with Christian Action to organise “Green Collection Day” programme, which aimed to encourage the employees to reduce waste by donating recycled items for the people in need. In 2017, a total of 280 kilograms of clothes, toys and books were donated. The donated items were sent to those families newly migrated to Hong Kong, ethnic minorities, and the orphans and disabled children in Qinghai province, China, or sold for charity to finance various charitable services of Christian Action.

Supporting Green Shipping

COSCO SHIPPING International, as a specialised shipping services provider, has endeavoured to support green shipping. Our coating manufacturing subsidiaries have actively promoted the development green coating products so as to make contribution to the protection of global climate.

Promoting World’s Leading Sea Quantum Series of Anti-fouling Coatings by Jotun COSCO

Jotun COSCO re-launched SeaQuest, a premium series of anti-fouling coatings in 2018, which is considered the world’s leading anti-fouling coatings. Containing no pesticide or metal toxins, such coatings resist fouling through new polymer technology and surface physical characteristics, causing zero damage to marine environment while providing 60-month protection against filth. Our hull performance solutions and high-performance anti-fouling paint Sea Quantum continue to present efficient, environmental and energy-saving anti-fouling coating choices for the market. This highlighted our commitment to preserve marine life and ecosystem and comply with relevant regulations.

COSCO Kansai Earned “Influential Anti-Corrosion Coating Brand of the Year” for the Ninth Consecutive Year

COSCO Kansai Companies introduced bridge coating materials and technologies that demonstrated the environmental value during the renovation period and subsequent maintenance procedures, by reducing the maintenance demand and restricting VOCs and solvent emissions. We are honored to have entered into a supply contract with the other two companies in November 2018, in relation to anticorrosion coatings for the steel case of the immersed tube tunnel of Shenzhen-Zhongshan Corridor. We also earned the title “Influential Anti-Corrosion Coating Brand of the Year” for the ninth consecutive year at China Coatings Summit Forum (中國塗料高峰論壇) cum China Coatings Brand Conference of These events have further cemented the position of COSCO Kansai Companies in the anti-corrosion coatings market and the firm’s environmental concepts which are widely recognized across various sectors.

Concern for Safety Management

Occupational health and safety serve as the cornerstone for the long-term sustainable development of a company. Only with safe working environment and manufacturing procedures in place can work-related injuries be prevented and normal operation of a company be ensured. As an investment holding company, COSCO SHIPPING International faces with relatively low safety risk during its daily operations. However, COSCO Kansai Companies and Jotun COSCO, with relatively high safety risk, engage in the production of inflammable and explosive coating products in Mainland China. It is an important social responsibility of COSCO SHIPPING International to its shareholders, employees and the community where it operates, to ensure stable and safe production. Therefore, the Group has always regarded the assurance of safety production and compliance management as its priorities, and strictly abide by the relevant laws such as the Law of the PRC on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases (《中華人民共和國職業病防治法》), the Production Safety Law of the PRC (《中華人民 共和國安全生產法》), and the Fire Protection Law of the PRC (《中華人民共和國消防法》).

The Group has established safety production and supervision management policies, with the implementation of supervision and accountability system. The document sets out the basic principles of “Two Responsibilities in One Post, Joint Management and Accountability for Delinquency” and “Safety as an Essential Component in the Management of the Industry, Business, as well as Manufacturing and Operation”, thus defining occupational safety as the mutual responsibility for every employee. Hence, all divisions are accountable for their respective production safety, and supervised by the headquarters and integrated managed by safety production heads.

Over the past years, COSCO SHIPPING International and its subsidiaries have not recorded any significant accident regarding production safety.

Certificates Accredited by International Organisation