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COSCO SHIPPING International is a subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING. As at 31st Dec 2017, the number of shares in issue of COSCO SHIPPING International was 1,532,955,429 shares, in which COSCO SHIPPING owns 66.12% and the public shareholders own the remaining 33.88%. COSCO SHIPPING is the world’s largest shipping company in terms of comprehensive strength. Its fleet of more than 1,100 ships, with a combined capacity of over 85 million DWT, ranks the first in the world.


COSCO SHIPPING International aims to build world-class, the leading shipping services industrial cluster in China and a non-financial business investment platform that meets the investment needs of COSCO SHIPPING Group in strategic and major development areas, with the goal of “larger scale, stronger profitability, superior anti-cyclical capability and globalisation”, through well-established businesses in Hong Kong, to set foothold on the Greater Bay Area, and develop globally.


By virtue of the support of the parent company and leveraging on the capital raising platform of a Hong Kong listed company, and by securing trustworthy and win-win collaboration and relationship with customers, investors and business partners, COSCO SHIPPING International will accomplish its vision and sustainable development, so as to provide customers with better services, offer staff with better career prospects, increase shareholders’ return, and make more contribution to the community.